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GL-6260P 260W Outdoor Beam
Detail Information
GL-6260P 260W Outdoor Waterproof Beam Moving Head Light

Input Voltage: 90-260V, 50-60 Hz

Lamp source: OSRAM 10R 260W  (MSD Platinum 17R 350W Optional)

Power Consumption: 450W

Protocol: USITT DMX-512

Channels: 16/20 DMX channels

Pan movement:540°(16bit)

Tilt movement:210°(16bit)

Advanced moving system:  

Scan position memory, auto reposition after unexpected movement

three-phase motor, fast, stable and quiet, auto X-Y repositioning

Beam Angle: 2 °

Waterproof rating: IP 65

Strobe: Mechanical strobe and can adjust speed, support Macro function of strobe

Bubble function: remote DMX controller control point bubble, bubble, and display panel can be set to open bright bubble function

Lens optical system: Electrical focus, Double thick stepping motor

Color wheel: One color wheel, imported high temperature resistant color film, 14 colors +open, rainbow effect

Fixed gobo wheel: One fixed gobo wheel, 17 fixed Gobos + Open

Prism: One rotated 8 prism and one 16-facet linear prism, Macro Function, (Can be customized with Colorful Honeycomb Prism)

Radiating System: The machine is made of die-cast aluminum design material, with very fast heat dissipation, built-in dehumidification and heat dissipation patented technology devices, with waterproof and dustproof functions. Flicker-free operation

Control Mode: DMX512, master-slave and auto operation

Dimming:0-100% electric linear dimmer

Controls: High-end touch LCD display with 4 control buttons

LCD display switch-off automatically after 60 seconds

Frost :fine wash effect

Built-in program: built-in multiple effect programs, can achieve a single beam of white left and right slow pendulum, to achieve a single color change around the slow pendulum and multi-beam color around the slow pendulum

Power supply: The use of Chinese famous brand power supply, as well as imported lighting fixtures, the whole lamp power supply system is more stable, the function runs more smoothly.

Light Size:340*340*600mm


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