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GL-6231 7R/230W Beam Moving Head
230W 7R Beam Moving Head Light / Prism Zoom / Sharpybeam Move Head Light

Lamp: Osram 7R 230W / YODN 230W 7R Platinum discharge lamp

ZOOM: Prism Zoom Function

Control Channel: 16 Channels

Color wheel: 14 fixed colors and open

Gobo wheel: 17 fixed gobos and open

Detail Information

Input voltage: 90V-250V/50-60Hz

Lamp: Osram 7R 230W / YODN 230W 7R Platinum discharge lamp

Color temperature: 8500 K

Luminous flux: 9100 lm

Average life: 2, 000 h


Lens: High precision glass optical lens

Beam angle: Adjustable beam angle from 0 to 3.8

ZOOM: Prism Zoom Function

Control Channel: 16 CH

Color wheel: 14 fixed colors and open

Gobo wheel: 17 fixed gobos and open

Prism Effect: 8-facet rotating prism

Dimmer: 0-100% linear adjustment Frost Filter

Pan 540° Tilt= 250° Rapid and extensive pan and tilt movements

New, high-performance electronics

Patented Italian design

Ballast: Electronic ballast

Small, lightweight and easily transported. Perfectly parallel, laser-like beam

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